Fall Into a New Skincare Routine

Fall Into a New Skincare Routine

Temperatures are beginning to drop and there’s a chill in the air that immediately motivates you to refresh your wardrobe with new sweaters. Just like you change your wardrobe with the changing temperatures, your skin requires different care to stay healthy.

Here are some must-haves to take care of your skin this fall and winter:

Use More Moisturizing Products

Your skin is likely to feel even more dryness, so now is the time to add extra moisture to the skin. 

Try Sanitas’ Peptiderm Moisturizing Cream. This ultra-rich, intensive moisturizer is great for dryer skin.

Or Environ Super Moisturizer. This luxurious cream is easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling comfortable, hydrated, and smooth.

Take shorter, cooler showers

A hot shower is not the best for your skin. If often leaves your skin red and irritated. Hot showers can be even worse in the winter because it will strip your already dry skin of its natural moisturizers. Taking cooler showers will help keep the moisture in your face, especially since the winter air already lacks moisture.

When washing your face, use products like IS Clinical’s Warming Honey Cleanser.  This rich, luxurious treatment will feel heavenly on your skin. It will leave your skin feeling ultra-hydrated and moisturized while helping to refine and balance problematic skin types.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

There’s a myth that you don’t need to wear sunscreen in the winter since you’re not outside as much, but sunscreen should be a staple in your routine year-round. UV rays can still penetrate the winter clouds even if it looks overcast.  Supergoop! Unseen Suncreen is totally invisible, weightless, and scentless.  With a velevety finish, it makes the perfect primer under your makeup.

As always, keep up with your facials.

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