Introducing Trilift Facial Rejuvenation

Trilift Facial Rejuvenation

Trilift is the most advanced form of RF microneedling on the market. Not only is it more comfortable than older technology modalities, but it combines traditional RF microneedling with dynamic muscle stimulation.

Radio Frequency resurfaces to firm and contours the skin, this extremely effective anti-aging treatment causes contraction of existing collagen fibers and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and tighter skin, with better hydration and fewer wrinkles, with no downtime.

Dynamic Muscle stimulation with RF microneedling resurfaces skin tone and texture and generates collagen, while dynamic muscle stimulation tones and lifts facial muscles that sag and deflate with age. This three-pronged approach leads to some of the fastest and most dramatic non-surgical results available resulting in smoothed skin texture and plumping of the skin.

We recommend a course of 4 to 5 treatments at 1 or 2-week intervals, as often as you’d like.

This advanced skin treatment is suitable for all skins, with no pre-use of certain skin care and no downtime. Ideal as a pre-party treatment.

Want to know more about TriLift facial rejuvenation?  Book a consultation at our Rittenhouse location for a $99 demo.

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