Wedding Day Skin Care Preparation

Wedding Day Skin Care Preparation

First of all, a congratulation is in order. You have found the person that you want to share your life with! In order to look and feel your best when the big day finally arrives, consider the fact that your skin can either help you or hurt you on your big day. Nobody wants an unexpected skin emergency to happen right before or on the day of the wedding. Preparation is the best way to ensure beautiful-skin success.


Find a professional skincare brand to use every day. The topical products should contain Vitamins A,C,E, antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors. These are well-researched and clinically tested ingredients that have shown to improve the look of skin over the course of a lifetime. That is why Environ’s fundamental moisturizers and serums all contain such ingredients.


Schedule yourself for a facial each month leading up to your day. Your daily home regimen is very important, but these intensive skin “check-ups” will give you incredible professional-looking results.
Dietary changes may be considered during this stressful time. We know diet can affect the skin in various ways, and can either help you or hurt you in terms of managing the look of your skin. The skin is the last organ to reap the benefits of ingested vitamins and minerals, thus there is an importance placed on topical vitamin skin care as well as eating vitamin-rich and high water-content foods. Leafy greens, bell peppers, guava fruit, berries, herbs/spices, and green tea are just a few super foods that will help you on your journey to healthy-looking skin. Diet and lifestyle are directly connected to optimal skin care management.


Book your trial run with your make-up artist and hair designer. You want to make sure your vision and their vision for your big day are the same. Purchase maintenance items you may need for your event such as make-up finishing spray, sanitary wipes, oil-blotting pads, or travel-sized products for your honeymoon. The Environ C-Quence line comes in a chic travel-sized version, perfect for a 7-day vacation with your honey.   
Think about using a conditioning serum for the eyelashes or eyebrows, as they usually take about 4-8 weeks to see results and will make your wedding day make-up that much more spectacular.


If you have uneven skin tone, redness, or bumps on parts of the body such as the bikini area, legs, arms, or on the chest, use an exfoliating body treatment like Environ’s Dermalac Lotion. The lotion contains several excellent moisturizers including lactic acid, urea and ammonium lactate. Follow with Environ A, C, & E Body Oil and your daily broad spectrum SPF.


Keep up your skin management practices! These will include your daily skin care day/night routine, using broad spectrum SPF on the face and neck every day, getting to your monthly facial, making healthy food choices, & using effective body care products.


Show up to all your appointments which may include hair color touch ups, waxing, a brightening facial, having a spray tan, or getting a manicure. Use a DIY lip scrub & hand exfoliating routine at nighttime. Follow up with a SPF-containing lip balm and Environ Hand and Nail Cream. One may also consider using an at-home teeth-whitening kit the week before the event.


Night Before:
Do nothing. Relax with a warm bubble bath and some green tea. Afterwards, lather the body with Environ’s A, C, & E Vitamin-enriched Body Oil to increase the skin’s appearance of moisture and glow. Follow with your usual nighttime skincare routine, and get plenty of shut-eye!


Day of:

Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect the skin as usual. Hydrate and drink plenty of water throughout the morning. Prior to getting hair and make-up done, sneak away for a quick 15-minute yoga or meditation session to make sure your nerves are relaxed all day long. Relax, and let your hair and make-up artist do their thing. Surround yourself with people who will not add to your stress level. Enjoy the day of your celebration & all the hard work it took to get there.


Keep up your skin routine! Though wedding day prep is often a great excuse to start developing good skin care habits, it’s up to you to maintain your routine with Environ to maintain beautiful, healthy-looking skin for a lifetime.

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